Safe Stay in Rimini

Our 4-star Hospitality starts with Hygiene and Safety

We spent a wonderful summer 2020 with you and we are sure that the upcoming summer will be even more lively, joyful and relaxing

Hotel Ambasciatori and its staff has prepared and worked hard to ensure safety for those traveling, for work or for holidays.

First of all, we further raised our hygiene standards by equipping ourselves with sanitation equipment (Rely+on Virkon). We are committed to monitoring correct behavior, distances, use of protections (of everyone, guests and staff interacting with you) and the standards of our "Security Protocol" will continue to be reviewed and re-evaluated regularly based on updates from government authorities.

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During the pandemic, we updated our booking and cancellation policies to give you as much flexibility as possible.

We anticipate that some activities will be reshaped or suspended until the regulations and official decrees allow them to run normally.

For example, aggregation activities will be remodeled or temporarily suspended to avoid gatherings as required at the moment by government indications and common sense.
We specify this in order not to create expectations on events or activities that are currently unattainable and consequent disputes on the economic offer applied at the time of booking confirmation. If you find offers, service lists, and animation / activity programs that include it, these refer to pre-emergency health periods (which we are promptly reshaping).

These are just small changes that we will implement for a great purpose, to give you a beach holiday or any stay from the weekend to a business appointment, in total safety and serenity.

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